Septic Contracting

Professional Septic Contracting Services

Throughout Southern Minnesota

Nerstrand Excavating, Inc. is a full-service excavating contractor specializing in septic system services. For 15 plus years we’ve been providing septic system contracting throughout Southern Minnesota, including system design, installation and repair services. We can handle any septic job, from a residential in-ground septic system to small and medium commercial septic applications. We are licensed, bonded, insured and MPCA Certified to provide start-to-finish septic system services. At Nerstrand Excavating we also stay up-to-date with all county and state regulations, allowing us to get the job done right the first time.

Septic System Design

Whether it’s for new construction or an upgrade, Nerstrand Excavating is your answer for timely code-compliant septic system design. Starting out in the area of septic system services we have a long-standing history for performing quality and reliable services. Working closely with area cities, counties and townships we maintain a thorough understanding of ever-changing septic system specifications and regulations.

As a septic system designer and installer we are able to utilize our experience from both of these areas when it comes to designing a system that will benefit you and other professionals throughout the life of your septic system. Our septic system design services include:


  • Site Evaluation – determining the optimal location for a septic system
  • Tank Size & Location
  • Drain Field Type
  • Design Flow – working with the natural lay of your property if possible
  • State, City & County Code Compliance
  • Soil Testing / Soil Pits
  • Soil Evolutions / Soil Verifications

Septic System Installation

Whether an elaborate commercial system or a thoughtfully placed residential one, your septic system acts as an “onsite sewage treatment facility” completely treating sewage on your property. As such, you should make sure your system is installed properly by a professional septic system contractor.


Fortunately, Nerstrand Excavating is a septic system installer with over 15 years of experience. From new construction installs to tearing out old systems and replacing them with upgraded ones, we are familiar with all aspects of septic system installation. Contact us to learn more about our septic installation services.