As a well-established, full-service excavating company, Nerstrand Excavating of Southern Minnesota is able to meet the excavating needs of the residential, commercial, agricultural, county and state sectors. No matter the job, large or small, we take all precautions to operate safely – this includes using only well-maintained equipment, experienced equipment operators, and utilizing proper procedures that allow us to maintain safe jobsites.

Excavating Services

Do you have an excavation project in mind? Is it too large or difficult for you to tackle by yourself? Nerstrand Excavating has years of experience in all areas of excavating, including both large and small projects. Whether you need us to excavate for sewer and water hook-ups or to backfill a basement, we provide a variety of excavating services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


At Nerstrand Excavating we pride ourselves on finding solutions that fit your specific property. We don’t come in and do the quick fix or easiest solution; we find the right solution.

  • Sewer & Water Line Hook-Ups
  • Basement Digging & Backfilling
  • Driveway & Road Building
  • Bridge Work
  • Landscaping & Leveling
  • Auger Posts Hole Digging
  • Footing Excavation
  • Culvert Installations
  • Construction of Boulder Walls / Retaining Walls
  • Underground Utilities Excavation (Septic Systems)

Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule your upcoming project… 507-334-4049.

Demolition Services /  Site Preparation

We provide full-scale demolition services throughout Southern Minnesota. Whether you need trees removed, existing structures demolished or accurate site preparation for new construction, you can count on Nerstrand Excavating to complete the work in a timely and safe manner.

  • Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Demolition
  • Demolishing & Removing
  • Damaged Structures due to Fire or Flood
  • Demolition of All Sizes
  • Land Clearing – Tree, Stump & Brush Removal
  • Shed Pad Prep
    Site to Grade, Ground Leveling & Site Preparation for Future Use (Shed Pad Preparation, etc.)

Aggregate Hauling

Excavating and aggregate go hand-in-hand, which is why it only makes sense that we provide professional aggregate hauling services to accompany everything else we do. From hauling unwanted material out to the timely delivery of fill and gravel, at Nerstrand Excavating we can meet your project’s aggregate hauling demands. All of our dump truck operators are fully insured and experienced. Contact us for accurate and safety-minded aggregate delivery.

Erosion Control Services

Are you having run-off water control problems? As a professional excavating contractor we feel that we play a vital roll in protecting the Earth’s soil, which in turn helps protect your property from unwanted water and erosion damage. At Nerstrand Excavating we provide a variety of erosion control solutions to fit any sized problem.

  • Commercial & Residential Solutions
  • Machine Sliced Fence Systems
  • Erosion Control Blankets
  • Seeding & Mulching
  • Lakeshore / Shoreline Work
  • Agricultural – Waterway Trenching, Ditch Clean Outs, etc.
  • Pond Digging – Large & Small Ponds
  • Environmentally-Friendly Water Run-Off Solutions – Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an environmentally friendly solution to control your water run-off problems. Not only do they help the environment and control water run-off, they are also an attractive addition to your property. Whether you need a small rain garden in your yard or are in need of a waterway to control a large area, Nerstrand Excavating provides reliable services you can depend on!